Using Net Promoter Score to understand the elements impacting brand perceptions

Business situation

With new global branding about to be rolled out, our med-tech client wished to understand how their current branding was perceived, as a baseline measurement, as well as getting insights into the nature of the challenge involved in moving to the new brand positioning.

How we helped

Trimming our cloth to meet the client’s budget, we conducted just a small number of depth interviews to help us understand the current brand and the issues involved in stretching it to the new positioning.  The insights from these were used to develop a quantitative questionnaire that was administered online to a range of clients including institutional managers and procurement officers, through to doctors and nurses.


We learnt from the qual interviews that some customers felt neglected by the sales force and subsequently had a poor perception of our client and their products.  Taking this knowledge, in addition to getting a baseline measure of the client’s brand, in the online survey we used the Net Promoter Score (NPS) together with a number of open ended questions to confirm this finding and yield valuable insights into what was not perceived to be working and how this was impacting the brand.  It was clear that wjhen the rep was perceived poorly, the company was perceived poorly, and vice versa. As a result, the company changed the way the sales force was managed, refocused the sales force’s priorities and increased the resources allocated to customer education.

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