Understanding the influence of stakeholder touch points on product uptake when packaging presented real challenges

Business situation

Our client’s head office was pressuring them to launch a new product variant which would have been presented in a package 10 times larger than competing products. There was concern that this would not be acceptable to key stakeholders.  The product could have failed if any one of the prescriber, dispenser or patient had pushed back against the unusual packaging.

How we helped

We undertook a packaging test via qualitative In-Depth Interviews with key stakeholder groups:

  1. GPs (with a focus on the packaging of sample packs)
  2. Pharmacists (with a focus on stocking issues and shelf space availability)
  3. Patients (with a focus on storage and perceptions of the medication created by the oversize packaging)


  • A recommendation not to launch was given (An argument was presented as to why and in what ways the launch would face difficulties if it went ahead)
  • An approach to launch was outlined in case the US office insisted on the launch going ahead. This was based upon the understanding of the relative influence of each of the stakeholder groups and how they influence each other

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